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At Kayak Waveology, we carry the gold standard in sea paddling kayaks. NDK is known worldwide for their rough water performance, durability, and expedition worthiness.

Whether you like the surf zone, rock hopping, working in tide races, or taking long expeditions. These are the boats that really do it all!

The boat images below are to give you the color scheme only and means they are still wrapped in the bubble wrapping. The images come from the SKUK Color chooser and are all of the same boat model. If you want to put your name on one, just email me at

We are currently taking 2024 pre – season orders.  Shown below is our current stock of New 2023’s and Demo’s. So, if you see something you want to put your name one, please contact us.     

Tel.  860-304-4000  Email.

2023 Stock

2023 – NDK Explorer.                      Ultra Marine Blue / Black / Sky Blue.  Extra – Keel Strip Sky Blue.  Standard Lay Up.  Wire Skeg.  



NDK Latitude

2023 – NDK Pilgrim Expedition  White / Blue / White.  Standard Layup.  Wire Skeg.  Extra – Blue Dragon on Deck.



NDK Latitude

2023 – NDK Explorer HV.          Quill / Red / Quill.  Standard Lay Up.  Wire Skeg.  Extra – Red Dragon on Deck.



NDK Latitude

2022 Stock

2022 – NDK Elite Explorer HV 

Quill/ Gray/ Black.  Expedition Rope Skeg. Elite Layup.  Extras- Keel Strip, Black


$5,335.00  Guides Demo

NDK Latitude

2018 NDK Pilgrim

Quill/ Black / White.

Wire Skeg. Standard Layup.  “Still A New Boat”.  Extras- Keel Strip. White


$4,500.00 Sale

NDK Romany Classic

2022 – NDK Romany Surf

Jet Black/Mint Green/Jet Black. 

Wire Skeg.  Standard Layup.  Extras – Blue Keel Strip.  


$4,000.00  Guides Demo

NDK Romany Surf

2022 – NDK C/K Pilgrim Expedition

Black/Lt Green/Black.  

Rope Skeg.   Extras – Carbon Kevlar Lay Up W/ Keel Strip.




NDK Romany Surf

Demo Fleet Kayaks. Excellent Condition.

2019 Explorer

Sulfur Yellow, Red, Quill.

Wire Skeg.  Extras, Red Keel Strip.  Standard layup.  Super Solid Boat.



$3000.00 Guides Demo

2019 Explorer LV

Melon Yellow, White, Melon Yellow.

Wire Skeg. White Dragon on deck.  Expedition Layup.  Super Solid Boat.

$2,800.00 Guides Demo

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Up and Coming Kayak Classes

Date/Time Event
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Seasonal Private Training. C&W
10/16/2023 - 10/17/2023
12:00 am
Providing BC Mod. Water Coach Assessment. ME
All Day
BC ADV SKL Provider Community Event, ME
10/27/2023 - 10/29/2023
12:00 am
Autumn Gales Rough Water Meet. 15th Year
10/30/2023 - 11/01/2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Autumn Gales BC Week
10/30/2023 - 11/01/2023
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training or Assessment (Tidal)
10/30/2023 - 10/31/2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
BC. Sea Kayak Leader Assessment. CT/RI Waters
Rhoad Island Coast, Jamestown RI

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