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BC Leadership, Personal Performance, & Coaching Kayak Courses

performance and leadership kayak courses

BC, British Canoeing

British Canoeing is the most recognized and respected paddle sport coaching and awarding system in the world. Kayak Waveology’s coaches and visiting coaches are BC Performance Coach trained professionals.

Trainings and Assessments are great tools to measure your abilities at different levels of your paddle sport development. Students can effectively set goals, gain a clear understanding of required skills, and creates a clear pathway to motivate your future.

How to find out when courses are happening?  head to our Events listings in the main menu.  You will find our monthly calendar of course offerings.


Kayak Waveology is a provider for the following British Canoing awards and certifications. 
Leadership Awards.  Advance Sea Kayak Leader and Sea Kayak Leader.
Personal Performance Awards.  Sea Kayak, Coastal Kayak, and Advanced Sea Kayak.  Like Old 3 Star – 5 Star.
Safety Awards.  Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning.
Coaching Awards.  Moderate Water Sea Kayak Coach.
British Canoeing

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Up and Coming Kayak Classes

Date/Time Event
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tide Race Primer: Early Season Builder Session
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Rock Hopping Strategies. RI Coast
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
C&W Seasonal Private Training.
06/08/2024 - 06/09/2024
All Day
Big Dog's Get Off The Porch. Advanced Training
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
C&W Seasonal Private Training.
06/15/2024 - 06/16/2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
BC. Sea Kayak Leader Assessment. CT/RI Waters
Rhoad Island Coast, Jamestown RI
06/22/2024 - 06/29/2024
12:00 am
Roof Of Scotland and Orkneys.
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
C&W Seasonal Private Training.
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Private Booking. Sea Kayak Improver Training (MK)
07/20/2024 - 07/21/2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
BC. Sea Kayak Leader Assessment. CT/RI Waters
Rhoad Island Coast, Jamestown RI

BC Personal Performance Awards
(Sea Kayaking)

  • Paddle Explore. Generic discipline (Sheltered Water, 2 Star)
  • Sea Kayak Award (Low End of Moderate Water, 3 Star Sea skills)
  • Coastal Sea Kayak Award (Moderate Water Sea Skills)
  • Advanced Sea Kayak Award (Advanced Water Sea Skills)

All of the new performance awards are direct entry. Paddlers can choose which award they would like to work towards, developing their skills and decision making. The awards provide appropriate milestones and acknowledgement of personal skills, setting up the paddler appropriately for British Canoeing Coaching and Leadership qualifications. All of the awards have been created and written with the paddler at the heart of the content and creating self-directed learning, empowerment and ownership.


Current BC Leadership Courses

  • Sea Kayak Leader ( Moderate Water Level)
  • Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (Advanced Water Level)

Safety Courses

  • Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning
  • Open Water Navigation

The above courses are prerequisites for the BC Sea Leader and Advanced Sea Leader awards.  Feel free to browse the My Path Way  page on the  British Canoeing’s web site  www.britishcanoeing.org.uk

Please check our working calendar for the schedule of BC Courses and dates.


Waveology Personal Performance Course

Skills are built more effectively with innovative professional coaching.

We believe in your capacity to grow, and we have the skills to help you unlock your potential. We provide regular relevant purposeful practice, tasks that stretch your current beliefs and ‘limitations’, combined with specific feedback based on our extensive coaching experience.

Working in our home waters from Eastern CT, NY and RI for the last 30 years. We know the best venue that is suitable to you at the right time in your paddling development. While concurrently know which venue will be doing what at the right time. These courses will underpin your seamanship foundations to better handle yourself safely in coastal environments and can be used as development pathways towards British Canoeing and ACA awards.

  • These venues can be flat water to learn your boat handling and rescuing skills.
  • When you’re ready we can move towards more Tidal Coastal Environments where we now need to start experience small surf 2-3 ft, maneuvering around rocks and cliffs, more wind 10 -12 knots and sea states 2-3. These courses can be shore-break surfing, rock hopping, on water coastal practical navigation and rolling and rescues.
  • When you still want more, we can work towards testing your abilities in Advanced Coastal and Open Environments. These venues can have tidal movement caused by faster flows around headlands and underwater ridges. Open water crossing with the tide, surfing and managing your self in tidal races, larger surf 3-5Ft, more complex navigation.

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