NDK Explorer LV

Available at The Back Woods Boat Barn – Killingworth, Ct.
(Appointments Required)

The unique EXPLORER LV is designed to give the smaller paddler a full size boat. Too often builders make short boats for smaller paddlers, making it harder to keep up – waterline length is hull speed. The Explorer LV has a modified deck with smaller cockpit and less cargo volume, but is fitted to the infamous Explorer hull. We know of no boat that combines expedition features and rough water stability of the Explorer series with sizing for smaller paddlers. We recommend this boat with the NDK foam seat. If you’ve been having a hard time getting needed contact with your boat, try this one.

Dimensions: 17’6″ x 21.5” Cockpit: 28.5” x 14.5”. Weight: 54 lbs standard

Demo Fleet Kayaks. Excellent Condition.

2019 Explorer LV

Melon Yellow, White, Melon Yellow. Wire Skeg

$3800.00 Guides Demo

British Canoeing

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