Romany Sport and Sportive RM

Available at The Back Woods Boat Barn – Killingworth, Ct.
(Appointments Required)

Two roto molded kayak models are now available and produced by NDK/SKUK. We have the Romany Sport and Sportive. The Sportive is smaller version.

The Sport was molded off the composite Romany Surf, so the Romany Sport is slightly smaller than the Surf. Length is 16′-4″, Width 21″, Height 11 1/2″ measured at front of combing.

The Sportive was molded off the composite Romany Classic, so the Romany Sportive is slightly smaller than the Romany Classic. length 15′-7″, Width 21″, Height 11″ measured at the front of the combing.

Both RM models have interesting features for roto moleded kayaks. The wire skeg control, glass seat and combing rim, and double walled foam bulkheads.

Rotomold NDK’s

2018 Romany RM Sportive

Blue with White combing and seat. Wire skeg.


British Canoeing

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