Whetman Pressure Deck


Whetman, Pressure Decks

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Whetman, Pressure Decks

The decks look smart with bright contrast stitching & strong colours on the release tabs. The devil as they say is in the detail. Each aspect on close inspection indicates superb attention to function & build quality.  We at kayak Waveology feel these are one of the most robust and dryest spray decks on the market.

​The neoprene has been glued together and then stitched on both sides. The result after stitching is 100% waterproof and so does not require waterproof tape to be applied over it. This is achieved by using a special machine & a curved needle which does not penetrate through the neoprene layer.
Opposite is the hand brushed thick latex underside, notice the ribbed appearance which is an indication of high quality hand brushed latex.  The deck size fits the SKUK Explorer, Romany, Romany Surf, Romany Sport, and Greenlander Pro cockpit rims.

Check out this video.  No more spray deck blues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1GtS-Mrong


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