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Whetman Force Deck


The Whetman Force Spray Deck







​Force Deck. Keyhole

4mm neoprene

9mm red shock cord

Generous hand brushed latex coating underside

The Force deck is easy to put on with the added bonus of the positive grip provided by the latex underside creating a great waterproof seal with the cockpit.  The Force deck is easier to put on your cockpit than the Pressure deck.  Light shock cord rand and softer neoprene.

  •  This Keyhole deck size specifically fits the keyhole combings of the NDK Explorer, Romany, Romany Surf, Romany Sport, and Greenlander Pro.  As well as many other British sea kayaks like Valley and P&H.

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Tunnel Sizes for Med Key Hole Decks

Medium, Large, XL

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