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REED Chill Cheater Cover All Cag (Blue/ Black)


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REED: Coverall Cag Deck Warmer







One size fits all.  Color is Blue/Black

Great all-purpose piece of kit for sea kayaking and touring.  Once you get one of these, you’ll swear by it. A thermal, comfortable, Aquatherm cag that can be worn over the top of everything including your Buoyancy Aid!! One size fits all.
Product details
Aquatherm / Super Stretch Aquatherm Fabric
Integral hood with wire peak that has volume adjuster straps for a snug fit.
Reflective patches on nape (high point) of neck and cuff for added safety.
Large front pocket with Velcro flap cover and drainage holes.
Long bodied hem providing a good spray cover for all decks, incorporating a 6mm high-tension shock cord with adjuster to fit any cockpit and grab loop.

Off the water
If it’s lunchtime or the end of the day - this cag is excellent around camp. It will cover everything, helping you to keep your temperature up. Sitting on the shore or in damp conditions, your seat will stay dry and if you pull your knees up you can keep your legs and knees snug underneath.

Cozy Handwarmer
The Coverall comes with a cozy fleece-lined snap on thermal hand warmer as an extra little luxury after a cold day's paddling.

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