Shetland Islands. Where The North Sea and North Atlantic Meet

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Shetlands Geology is giant jig saw puzzle that has been assembling for over hundreds of millions of years.  Four huge blocks of earths continents have collided and then pulled apart again.  Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks all exist here in the Shetlands.  Some rock and coast lines have even started out as one formed rock and then metamorphized, creating a variety of cliffy head land colors that are very dramatic from the seat of your sea kayak.  Different rock hardness and densities have been worked by the power of the oceans creating such a rugged and diverse area to explorer.

We had the great pleasure this past early July 2019 to explorer a few of the coastal areas with a great group of our long term students.  The weather was on the rugged side and had all weather conditions except snow to contend with.  This meant for some careful and skillful planning on where to paddle each day.

Below are just a few pictures to share.  There is so much more to paddle in the Shetland Islands we think we will be running another expedition in 2020.






























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Simmer Dim



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