Parry Glaciers, SW Tierra del Fuego, Chile. January 2017 (Updated)

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This journey to the Southern reaches of Southern America, Tierra Del Fuego was certainly exploring at it’s best and we were the first BCU coaches from America and even maybe Great Britain to help and work with the native people of Tierra Del Fuego to build up there sea kayaking skills, seamanship, and expeditionary skills.  This is what they, the locals tell us.  We were very honored to coach provide training, and explorer there back yard with them.  At the end of the day they know so much more and are safer paddlers of the sea, and best of all we have new friends in far away places.

We traveled a long way with our own paddling and expedition kit, and even brought our 3 piece NDK Explores for the adventure.  Below are some choice shots from the journey and Slide show presentation.  Have a look first then ask some questions about what you do in your life.  Enjoy.

We are gracious that a well known International Paddling magazine has picked up our story.   Click on this link below for the article.

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