Irelands South West Coast. Stunning. July 2018

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Back in early July 2018.  Kayak Waveology International brought six of our long term performance paddling clients to the South West coast of Ireland. The exposed County Kerry area of Irelands SW coast was such a stunning place to paddle on the sea.  With six days on the water explorering all of the nooks and crannies we could get our selves into.  Yes, we were very lucky with the weather and our timing.  “Once in a generation weather” the locals would tell use.
We spent 3 days South of Dingle Bay.  With it massive sea cliffs, tons of chubby sea birds and caves galore, and even made it out to the great Skellig Michael off shore islands.



Skellig Michael in target













Caves, Lots of caves















This why you practice rocky landings in the BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader course (BCU 5 Star Sea).  Yes, this happened at least twice a day.  There were no beaches around.  No we know why Ireland is one of the toughest circumnavigations to do.  There are many miles of exposed coast line, almost the whole West coast.  Makes you really apricate the safe landings and harbors you do find..

























The second grouping of 3 days were spend explorering and wild camping on the Blasket islands, North of Dingle Bay.  Again very impressive pointy bits of off shore islands to check out.  Tearaght island is the furthest West of all the Blasket Islands.  With a very hard to build cliff bound light house and a tide race arch cutting the island in half a the water level.















Tide race arch!   Well this was a first.  Surfing in a South direction on standing waves to make your way against a few knots of current running North through the arch.  Just a surreal thing to experience.













Blasket Islands sun set.  Each evening wild camping was just grand.  Everyone was just chillin and enjoying the views at the foot of the tents.













Friendly natives!  These grey seals were very curious creatures and great picture posers.

Thanks for reading.  If you want to find out where we are headed next year in 2019, get in touch at and follow out calendar.  Humm, Shetland islands.


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