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  • Iceland Pandemic Expedition 2021

    by | Jul 18, 2022 | International Expedition Travels | 0 comments

    In August 2021 the only place to travel to was Iceland under the pandemic rules.  All of the testing requirements and unstable weather window certainly added to the logistics planning to pull off an amazing sea kayaking expedition trip. 

    Iceland Kayak Waveology


    On arrival we had to be flexible, as our original planning had put us in the Western Fjords.  This regions forecast was for 5 days of torrential rain and heavy winds.  With an already compressed paddling schedule now with testing requirements to exit the country.  We opted for the Northeast coast of Iceland, where the weather looks to be more stable.  Additionally, the mountains were the tallest which made for a very committed coastline.  This regional option came by recommendation of our partnered SKUK Expedition Center, Artic Sea kayaks.  Magnus Sigurjonsson is the top guide for sea kayaking in Iceland.  We went to paddle the coast that he grew up on.

    Iceland Transport


    From this starting point we geared up and paddled West for two days and opted for lighter boats and a base camp set up.

    Waveology Iceland


    Lots to explorer on water and land.  Great blue berry’s, Atlantic easy catch cod, Artic foxes, and catabatic winds.






    We are happy we help build such a great team of experience sea paddlers and wild camp crafters to be able to experience such a beautiful and wild place in the modern developed world.  We will be back to Iceland in years to come.

    Waveology Iceland Team


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