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Celtic Pro Range, Straight Shaft.


Celtic Pro Range Straight Shaft, 4 Pc


Celtic Paddle.  4 Piece straight shaft.

You have some choices of blades with the Kinetic 700 and 650 blade shapes.  The blade are all in carbon pressed blades with no dihedral power face for maximum power. The rolled tube shafts are available only in the standard diameter straight and narrow shafts .   Paddle lengths are adjustable from 208 Cm - 2018 Cm with the center joint with lever a lock coupler.

Please note the blades are sold separate from the shafts.  This allows to make a decision on what size blades you want.  Total cost for the complete 4 piece  paddle is $525.00

  • Adjustable length plus 10cm
  • Adjustable feather
  • Rock solid paddlok blade joints
  • Standard shaft 29mm OD
  • Reflective Graphics

These paddles are robust and have flexibility.  As use by the pros.



Additional information

208 -218CM Straight Shaft 4 PC

Straight Shaft 205 – 215 CM, Straight Shaft 208 – 218 CM, 650 Blades, 700 Blades


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