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Custom Foam Seat


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A Comfortable Foam Kayak Seat for NDK Sea Kayaks.                                                   







The seats are straight off the CNC machine, the router bit leaves a slightly fuzzy, suede-like texture that will wear away with time. You can adjust the shape and re-work the surface with sandpaper. The seats are machined from gray Minicel®, a very fine-grained, closed-cell foam. It does not absorb water and provides flotation.  These seats have been milled by our good friend Nick Schade at Guillemot Kayaks.

This custom foam seat is a shallow "V" shape bottom cut.  The angle of the bottom is about ~5° of deadrise above horizontal.  These seats are a great fitting option if you want to replace the modern NDK Performance or the older hung bucket seats from years past on any and all NDK kayak models.  Fits Romany Classics, Surfs, Explorers, Pilgrims, Pilgrim Expeditions, Echo's, Greenlander Pros, ect.

Fitting Idea

Here is an idea of how to install and fit to the standard NDK performance seat back band system.  You can easily shape hip pads and the bottom seat to your liking and comfort.   See Picture below.






Installing Your Seat

The best way to install the seat is using a contact cement such as Barge Cement or WeldWood. Carefully mark out where the seat will go in the bottom of your kayak. Apply the contact cement to the bottom of the seat and inside the kayak where the seat will go. Allow the cement to tack up and then, very carefully, place the seat where it belongs. You have one shot because it will grab immediately. Press it firmly in place and it should be done. Give it a day to improve the bond strength and then go paddling.

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