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2021 Peak UK. River Vest



River Vest

Tough and versatile, the River Vest features a huge central pocket with separate pockets for karabiners and river knife. Easy-adjust sides allow a close fit and the Olympic cut gives a low profile, high performing flotation device suitable for most paddling.  Bottom waste clips hold it all on you.

This simple and clean design is a pull over PFD.  We convert ours to a sea kayaking specific vest.  The large pockets will fit a hand held VHF cleanly with out the radio antenna sticking out and all of the safety bits and bobs you carry on the sea.








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River Vest



Up and Coming Kayak Classes

Date/Time Event
10/26/2022 - 10/28/2022
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training or Assessment (Tidal)
10/28/2022 - 10/30/2022
All Day
Autumn Gales Rough Water Meet
10/31/2022 - 11/01/2022
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
BC. Sea Kayak Leader Assessment. CT/RI Waters
Rhoad Island Coast, Jamestown RI

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