NDK Explorer

Available at The Back Woods Boat Barn – Killingworth, Ct.
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The EXPLORER is the larger expedition version of the Romany 16 with more hull speed and cargo room. It’s a super fit for middle sized paddlers, and has become one of the standards of paddling here in the Northeast. It carves and spins. Its secondary stability is remarkable. Its fuller ends hold more gear and keep the bow from pearling. Certainly there are faster boats, but not many when it is rough and challenging. It’s the bumpy and lumpy water where we feel challenged and the Explorer’s and Romany’s excel with their user friendly hulls, high secondary stability, thigh contact, and expedition features.

The boat of choice for many expeditions around globe, take a look at the NDK sponsored paddlers on seakayakinguk.com. Also Kayak Waveology’s boat of choice for our local tide races, surf zone, New England MMainecoast adventures and International Expeditions. These boats are tough, reliable, and trust worthy.

Dimensions: 17’6″ x 21.5″. Cockpit: 32” x 15.0” Weight: 56 lbs standard

Sizing: up to 2.0m/6’6″ tall, medium/large male,

Max shoe size: US 10.5/UK10/EU44

Current Stock

2018 Explorer

Red/ Yellow / Red. Deck line Yellow, wire skeg. Extras, deck pump recess.


Demo Fleet Kayaks. Excellent Condition.

2018 Explorer

Red, Yellow, Red,  Wire Skeg.

$3800.00 Guides Demo

2019 Explorer

Sulfur Yellow, Red, Quill. Wire Skeg.

$4000.00 Guides Demo

2014 Explorer.

Dark Blue/Black/White. Wire Skeg.

$3200.00 Guides Demo

2012 Explorer

Night Blue/Red/Lt Gray. Rope Skeg and Recessed Pump..

$2000.00 Guides Demo

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Date/Time Event
05/21/2021 - 05/22/2021
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
British Canoeing. Core Coach Training
05/23/2021 - 05/24/2021
12:00 am
Discipline Specific Training/Sea Kayak Coach Training (Moderate Water)
07/17/2021 - 07/24/2021
All Day
Northern Ireland Expedition.
08/21/2021 - 08/29/2021
All Day
Iceland Expedition. (Rescheduled To August 2021)
10/15/2021 - 10/17/2021
All Day
Coaching Assignment (Reserved)
10/29/2021 - 10/31/2021
All Day
Autumn Gales 2021
11/01/2021 - 11/05/2021
All Day
British Canoeing Training and Assessment Week

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