Waveology’s Watchmans Hat


Waveology’s Watchman Hat

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Waveology’s Watchman’s Hat

Our watchman hat is the REED Transpire Fleece Beanie.  Additional logos are SKUK and Celtic paddles are on the other sewn pannels on the cap.

Excellent heat retainer preventing heat loss from the head before, during & after activities. Light enough to be worn under a crash helmet. Reed Transpire fleece garments are designed to be worn as a baselayer next to the skin and will out-perform all others, even in extreme climates, on expedition, in sport or for leisure. Ultra warm – Ultra comfortable – Ultra dry & wicking The fastest moisture-wicking fleece fabric available – keeping you warm when it’s cold and dry if you get too warm High warmth to weight ratio & advanced yarn technology Super stretchy for exceptional comfort & fit Soft brushed fleece worn against the skin Smooth slip knit outer surface helps make dressing easier Ideal as a base layer or as part of a thermal layering system Scotchguard & antibacterial-coated yarns maximize wicking properties & maintain freshness Great used for water and land based sports. 


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