Snap Dragon Ocean Tour EXP Reinforced


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Designed for ocean paddlers who challenge the surf zone and rugged enough for the long expeditions. The Expedition Series all neoprene is the best choice for a dependable touring skirt with a watertight seal.

Deck Sizing Notes for NDK Boats:

  • The XS deck fits the Standard NDK Pilgrim
  • The LV deck fits the NDK Pilgrim Expedition, Explorer LV, and Romany LV
  • The Medium deck fits the NDK Explorer, Explorer HV, and Romany/Romany Sportive
  • The Med/Large deck fits the Romany Surf and Romany Sport RM
  • The XL deck fits the Romany Excel and Excel Expedition

Additional information

Deck Sizing

XS, LV, Med, Med-Lrg, XL

Tunnel Size

Med, Large, X-Large


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