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Snap Dragon Ocean Tour EXP Reinforced



Designed for ocean paddlers who challenge the surf zone and rugged enough for the long expeditions. The Expedition Series all neoprene is the best choice for a dependable touring skirt with a watertight seal.

Deck Sizing Notes for NDK Boats:

  • The XS deck fits the Standard NDK Pilgrim
  • The LV deck fits the NDK Pilgrim Expedition, Explorer LV, and Romany LV
  • The Medium deck fits the NDK Explorer, Explorer HV, and Romany/Romany Sportive
  • The Med/Large deck fits the Romany Surf and Romany Sport RM
  • The XL deck fits the Romany Excel and Excel Expedition

Additional information

Deck Sizing

XS, LV, Med, Med-Lrg, XL

Tunnel Size

Med, Large, X-Large

Up and Coming Kayak Classes

Date/Time Event
05/21/2021 - 05/22/2021
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
British Canoeing. Core Coach Training
05/23/2021 - 05/24/2021
12:00 am
Discipline Specific Training/Sea Kayak Coach Training (Moderate Water)
07/17/2021 - 07/24/2021
All Day
Northern Ireland Expedition.
08/21/2021 - 08/29/2021
All Day
Iceland Expedition. (Rescheduled To August 2021)
10/15/2021 - 10/17/2021
All Day
Coaching Assignment (Reserved)
10/29/2021 - 10/31/2021
All Day
Autumn Gales 2021
11/01/2021 - 11/05/2021
All Day
British Canoeing Training and Assessment Week

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